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Quick Information

Travel & Local Information

About the destination:

Ronneby Brunn is one of southern Sweden’s largest resort areas. The hotel has its roots in 1897 and is surrounded by a lovely park called “Brunnsparken”, which is considered by many as Sweden’s most beautiful park, where you might find both inspiration and relaxation.

The hotel Ronneby Brunn offers a wide selection of energizing and relaxing activities, and includes a lovely spa with sauna, heated pool, hot tub, and outdoor Jacuzzis. Furthermore, it is a complete and ambitious conference center with the restaurant “Brunnsrestaurangen” that refines local produce from land and sea.


Travel options to the destination:

Please note, in the program it is foreseen that we are going to spend the last night, Friday to Saturday, in Lund. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the return flight from Copenhagen airport (preferred) or Malmö airport.

The RACIRI Summer School organizes and covers the bus transfer between Ronneby and Lund on the 25th of August.


Option number 1 (preferred):

Fly to Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, Denmark

Take the train directly to Ronneby station

When you have passed the Swedish boarder, the recommendation is to arrange for a taxi to pick you up from Ronny station, by calling one of the following numbers:


Willy’s Taxi                         +46 (0)73 - 637 47 77

Karlskrona taxi                   +46 (0)455 - 191 00

Karlshamns taxi                  +46 (0)454 - 150 65

Sverige taxi Blekinge           +46 (0)457 - 122 67


If you would like to walk, the hotel lies about 2 kilometers from the train station; This is the map for walking, please press here


Option number 2:

Fly to Malmö Airport, Sturup, Sweden

Take the airport coach to Lund’s train station

Take the train from Lund to Ronneby train station

Arrange for a taxi as explained above or walk


Option number 3:

Fly directly to Ronneby airport, Ronneby, Sweden

We recommend to arrange in advance for a taxi – as explained above - or walk to Ronneby Brunn


If you prefer to drive:

For your navigation the address to the hotel is:

Ronneby Brunn Hotell AB
Reddvägen 2
372 73 Ronneby

For a map, please press here.



From Germany:

TT-line travels between Rostock and Trelleborg

                                   Travemunde and Trelleborg


Stena Line travels between  Rostock – Trelleborg

       Sassnitz – Trelleborg


From Denmark:

Scandlines travels between

Rostock (Germany) – Gedser (Denmark) 

Puttgarden (Germany) – Rødby (Denmark)


=> Helsingør (Denmark) – Helsingborg (Sweden)

=> By car: take the Øresunds bridge between Copenhagen,
     Denmark and Malmö, Sweden