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Secretariat, c/o DESY
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Quick Information

Lectures and Speakers

Confirmed Speakers (and Lectures) at RACIRI 2013 are:

Introductory lecture:
Mikhail Kovalchuk, Kurchatov Institute (RU)
"Convergence of sciences and technologies: from inanimate to life matter"

Key note lecture:
Paul Chaikin, New York University (USA)
"Artificial Life (Part I and Part II)"

Photon Sources: Facilities, technics and scientific basics
L1: Massimo Altarelli, European XFEL (DE)
"From 3rd to 4th Generation Sources: X-Ray Experiments with Free-Electron Lasers"
F1: Richard Neutze, Gothenborg University (SE)
"Structural and dynamical studies of proteins at an X-ray free electron laser"

Neutron Sources: Facilities, technics and scientific basics
L2: Victor Aksenov, PNPI Gatchina (RU)
"Reactor neutron sources"
F2: Ken Andersen, ESS (SE)
"Pulsed neutron sources"

Theory 1 (real structure related)
L3: Igor Erukhimovich, Lomonosov U Moscow (RU)
"Polymer nanostructures in the bulk and under nanoconfinement: physics, scattering, applications"
F3: Efim Kats, Landau Institute and ILL (RU/F)
"Determination of structural and physical features of colloidal systems from small angle scattering data"

Theory 2 (electronic structure related)
L4: Alexander Lichtenstein, U Hamburg (RU/DE)
"Advanced methods in electonics structure calculations"
F4: Hans Agren, KTH Stockholm (SE)
"DFT calculations of X-ray spectra"

Diffraction 1 (atomic: single crystals, powders)
L5: Jens Als-Nielsen, Riso National Laboratory (DK)
"X-rays and Neutron-Fundamentals in 90 minutes"
F5: Christian Riekel, ESRF (F)
"Aspects of Functional Biomaterials"

Diffraction 2 (molecular: single molecules, polymers, colloids, etc.)
L6: Sunil Sinha, U San Diego (USA)
X-ray and Neutron scattering from surfaces of complex fluids
F6: Sergei Chvalun, Kurchatov Institute (RU)
“Nanostructured polymeric and hybrid materials synthesized by VDP-process: Electronic and optoelectronic application”

Imaging 1 (solid matter, domains and membranes)
L7: Carolyn Larabell, LBNL (USA)
Imaging biological specims with X-rays
F7: Chris Jacobsen, APS/ANL/Northwestern Uni (USA)
X-ray microscopy: combining imaging and spectroscopy

Imaging 2 (large molecules, clusters, gels and liquids)
L8: Michael Avdeev, JINR (RU)
Structural nanodiagnostics of ferrocolloidal systems by neutron scattering”
F8: Joachim Dzubiella, HU Berlin, HZB (DE)
Theory and modeling of structural aspects and dynamics of liquids

Spectroscopy 1 (electronic structure related)
L9: Joachim Stöhr, SLAC (USA)
“Investigation of Nanoscale Dynamics in Materials with an X-Ray Laser”
F9: Emad Flear Aziz Bekhit, HZB (DE)
“Structure and dynamics of biochemical systems in solution using modern soft X-ray spectroscopy and table-top techniques“

Spectroscopy 2 (real structure related)
L10: Michael Monkenbusch, FZJ (DE)
Dynamics of Macromolecules

F10: Natalia Novikova, Inst. of Crystallography RAS (RU)
“X-ray fluorescence methods for investigations of lipid/protein membrane models”

Materials Preparation 1 (crystal growth, epitaxial films, self-assembling, etc.)
L11: Alexander Vul‘, Ioffe Institute (RU)
“Preparation and characterization of the new carbon
nanostructures: nanodiamonds, carbon onions and graphenes”

F11: Frank Schreiber, Uni Tübingen (DE)
“Growth processes and their characterisation by X-rays and neutrons (part 1, part2, part 3)”

Materials Preparation 2 (biosamples, wet chemistry, gels, etc.)
L12: Michael Mertig, Uni Dresden (DE)
“Biomimetic material synthesis”
F12: Dmitrii Gorin, Uni Saratov (RU)
Core-shell nanocomposites