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Secretariat, c/o DESY
Notkestraße 85
22607 Hamburg

M: raciri@desy.de
T: +49 40 8998 4172
F: +49 40 8994 4172


Quick Information

How to apply

The school will mainly address senior masters students in the final phase of their study programme (master / diploma), and PhD students, and young scientists (Postdocs) predominantly coming from the three partner countries Russia, Sweden and Germany. Admittance to the school is based on open calls in the partner countries and granted through a nomination process according to scientific excellence. Each country will organize the calls and the nomination process autonomously and may engage for that purpose national research organizations and societies to rely on their experiences, networks and best practice mechanisms in advertising and nominating young students.

The calls (German/Swedish/Russian) will be publicly announced on this website.

Please note that the deadline for applicants from German institutions is 10th of May !!!

Announcement RACIRI 2019 Germany
The deadline for the German Call is 10th of May 2019!
Announcement RACIRI 2019 Russia
Call for Application for Participants from Swedish institutions
Announcement_RACIRI2019_3rd countries.pdf